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Alice in Wonderland - Visual Spectacle by Tim Burton

You are invited to a very important date.

The previous version of Alice in Wonderland by Jefferson Airplane ("White Rabbit") has been loved by many, and was the one people turn to again and again when thinking of the iconic Alice.

Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” is, strangely enough, pretty much the movie you would expect depending on the talent involved. It is a real movie by Tim Burton, through and through. Johnny Depp performs Mad Hatter (just Mad) and translucent skin of Anne Hathaway has finally been very helpful in bringing to life the White Queen. The perfidious Red Queen, acted by Helena Bonham Carter, screams "Off with their heads!" now and then. So, well, yes, Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton – that's a must see movie. If that’s all you need, then turn off the lights leaving, please.

Aren’t you still to be deterred? Well, while you are reading attentively, we would like to praise Alice performance by Mia Wasikowska. That’s she who makes the film – makes it in a quite tricky role, the role which may have easily turned into a caricature.

The movie adaptation is a composition of the Lewis Carroll’s novel “Alice's Adventures in Wonderland” and his next book, “Through the Looking-Glass”. All themes and elements were taken from both stories, forming a fairly linear plot tonally resembling “The Chronicles of Narnia”. Earlier movie versions of the Alice tale probably seemed not so cohesive, but actually this could simply be a hazy recollection.

Talking about the 3D, it has to be mentioned that movie could have done without it. Really. It only comes out at you a couple times during the whole movie running time as the traditional 3D giving you some depth at the back of the frame. So it is obviously no use to pay extra for the glasses.

However, there's still a lot of to be charmed by in this newest version of “Alice in Wonderland”. Even if you’ve never liked the "literary nonsense", there is enough logic presented to allow some escapist entertainment. Solid leads, lush scenery – everything convincingly brings the iconic Alice world to life. If you fall down this specific rabbit hole yourself, unlike Alice, you probably meant to, and so intent making your journey all different. Enjoy the warm pig ottomans, the jabberwocky, the cakes making you larger, and liquid making you smaller. Remember – the title is nearly 150 years old: it’s a long time to render a verdict. Therefore there’s no need to go ask Alice if it's worth seeing.